Health = Personal Integrity

(An Introduction) 

Recently I weighed in at 183.6 pounds, the most I have ever weighed in my life. For anyone who knows me from high school you know this is a huge deal (no pun intended), because when I was 18 years old I weighed a whole 125 lbs. I was so small I had one of my high school football coaches Travis Lynch say, “He has a waistline many women would kill for.” In contrast to then when my waistline was 29 inches my waistline is now 40 inches. This was due to my mega metabolism that allowed me to even out eat some of the football players. However, as I have become older and more sedentary my weight and waistline has increased. So when I stepped on the scale and pulled out the tape measure I finally hit the point where I am ready to change the direction of my overall health.

Personally, a source of inspiration over the past 9 to 10 months has been my friend Brian Harris. He has done a great job losing around 175 lbs. through solid exercise and a healthy diet, which he chronicles on his website I Was 396. As I have watched Brian’s weight loss I myself have been inspired and today I am beginning my own journey towards health and wellness. I know if Brian can lose 175 lbs. then I can lose around 30 lbs. towards my goals of 155 lbs. So Brian thank-you for your inspiration and I hope I can be an example to others in other areas.

The areas I want my weight loss journey to reflect are that of, leadership, and integrity. My goal is each Monday to not only write my methods towards better health, but more importantly how I believe being healthy is connected to leadership and integrity. For example, as a minister if I am going to preach self-control, but I cannot practice personal self-control with my own health, than I believe it jeopardizes my own integrity and leadership abilities. Furthermore, I have a degree in recreation, another in physical education, and I am an Army officer. All of these personal elements combined lead me to believe that losing weight is not just about being healthy, but about integrity and leadership for myself.

In conclusion, I hope my journey will inspire you with some practical steps towards weight loss as I post my weekly weight and waistline measurements, along with tips that I am doing. Additionally, I hope each Monday post will reflect the connections I am learning between healthy and Christian leadership and integrity. After all, we are to be great stewards of our bodies, something that is indeed a gift from the Lord and is intended to be used to glorify Him. With that, I will see you soon!

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