For over twelve years Mike Chitwood has served as an Army Chaplain advising high ranking Military Commanders as they lead their troops. While his primary job as a Chaplain was to ensure the free exercise of religion for all, equally Mike respectfully and carefully challenged Military Commanders regarding the morale of their troops and strategic long term impacts related to their Soldiers and mission.

Furthermore, Mike’s Army career began as a Suicide Prevention Program Manager. For over 10 years his research and presentations laid the foundation that resulted in over 10,000 Soldiers receiving Suicide Prevention training, and is in use today. Beyond the Army, Mike also served as a corporate chaplain to multiple businesses and held other positions throughout his career.

Prior to the Army, Mike worked in college athletics where he administratively advised National Championship-winning coaches and helped them coordinate the logistics for each team throughout the season. Part of his role required tactful communication informing these coaches of their financial and legal limits to ensure their teams eligibility. Doing so, Mike maintained healthy dialog and relationships with the coaches long term, even when his news was not initially what they wanted to hear.

Combined his prior experiences have let Mike to advise a diversity of people through various life and career circumstances. As a Blackaby International Certified Coach and a strategic thinker, he strives to specialize helping businesses and people balance both lead others and communicate well with them.