page45_picture0_slide_1312245123Life can become really busy, really quick. In the midst of these busy days many disciplines can be skipped. It could be anything from financial maintenance, to physical activity, to even our devotional times. However, there are steps we can take to still include these disciplines into our daily routine. For example, consider these simple steps for personal devotionals when time is limited.

  1. Get Up Early

Yes, getting up early may not be the most ideal solution. Still, it is an option and one worth considering if you prefer your devotional earlier than later. Remember, the hope is your busyness is temporary and so can being an early bird if needed.

  1. Consider a Devotional Guide

There are a host of devotional guides and books one can use. One of the best devotional released this year is Paul Tripp’s New Morning Mercies. It and others available for purchase, while others can be obtained for free. No matter what kind you use a devotional guide can offer a concentrated spiritual reflection as different topics are covered. Some devotionals even include recommended scripture passages to accompany the author’s thought.

  1. Less Can Be More

So even if you don’t know what to read, a devotional guide can make for some great suggestions. This is because it’s important to be in prayer and in God’s word daily. Yet this does not mean we have to read large chunks of scripture. In fact, smaller portions may be more powerful.

  1. Consider an Audio Devotional.

There is nothing like reading the devotional, but time may not always permit. As a result, there are many affordable or free apps where one can listen to scripture. Again, reading may be the preference, but when short on time audio is better than no devotional at all.

  1. Stay Up Late

For anyone who hates the thought of getting up any earlier than staying up late is another option. Yes, the downside might be that you are too tired, which is why you can seek a shorter devotional. In other words, quality over quantity might just be what you need.

Isolated Black Alarm Clocks
Isolated Black Alarm Clocks

In closing, the last suggestion reminds us that the goal is to seek meaning over just doing a religious ritual. As a result, being busy might be best. The change in your routine may awaken you to the Lord in new ways you may otherwise miss. So choose a devotion practice listed here or find another technique if you wish. No matter what you choose remain encouraged that you can have a quality devotional every day, with a little planning.

All this said, what are some of your favorite techniques you use for your personal devotional time?

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