Creation and creating is a beautiful thing. No matter if it’s a work we create from something, or if it is something God creates from nothing. The latter of course is something we can’t do, but can greatly appreciate. Be it a storm on the water, a flower in the grass, or the conception of a new human being, creation and life is something to be admired. However, something so awe inspiring can be destroyed so quickly if not protected. Take the two sandcastles pictured in this article for example.


Recently while I was reading on the beach a family next to me decided to build not one, but two sand castles. It was fun watching the conception from their young son who began building his two masterpieces. Enthusiastically he would load his sand into the buckets making sure his parents were involved. He would also correct them if they strayed from his grand design. His goal was to keep anything from killing his creation and his enthusiasm. The boy even made sure I noticed his sandcastles, I did appreciate. I would appreciate them even more than I thought I would.

This is because as I finished reading my book late into the afternoon I was not yet ready to leave the beach. So I took time to appreciate the scenery. This of course included his two sandcastles he had built and left behind. The boy’s simple creations made me smile as I thought about how he worked joyfully in their creation. However, the joy I shared with him would be met with concern.

My worry came from another child who bitterly looked at the two castles. This young girl had quickly ran up to the castles with a snarl on her face. Once she had approached the small fortresses she slowly circled each, stalking them both. As she did she kept looking back at me and then the castles and then me again. It was as if she was sizing me up to see if I was going to stop her from destroying the sandcastles. To be honest, I’m not sure what I would have done.

FullSizeRender-1Personally, I’m glad my steady gaze through my sunglasses deterred her. One I wanted to continue to enjoy them. Two, I didn’t want the boy’s joy to turn to sadness due to another’s jealous destruction. Three, others had enjoyed them too and I wanted that simple pleasure to last for others.

As I thought about these small moments in time I reflected on how life can be so very similar. It too has a grand designer that conceives the start of something great. From this design though it starts small and it can grow into something grande. Then as it grows up it ends up being something truly to marvel. As a result, may we protect life, may we protect creation. May we preserve it for another from anything that may seek to destroy life for any reason. Then we can all together appreciate creation over destruction no matter how small or inconsequential it may appear. That is a fortress worth building and worth protecting.

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