Effective writing is an essential part of communication, as it allows one to lead by sharing one’s thoughts and ideas. Specifically, then, my essays will focus on three main areas: leadership, communication, and faith.

Leadership is an area that applies to every person, no matter their career or personal circumstances. Be it current events, sports, my own experiences, or more; the goal is to offer perspectives on leadership from multiple aspects of life.

Also, communication is necessary because if we can’t share our ideas, then our leadership will suffer. Plus, the better we communicate, the more we reduce confusion that impedes our understanding of another. Admittedly, I do not have everything about communication figured out. But, it is a passion of mine and anything I have learned I hope to share.

Lastly, being a Christian, I hope to lead by communicating faith-related topics that are important. In doing so, my goal is to expose my faith in Christ without imposing my faith in Jesus. If then, I achieve this goal, I believe it will enhance what I hope to share on the topics of both leadership and communication effectively.