Roll Up Your Sleeves, by Michael Alan Tate Book Reaction

Having read The White Shirt book, which is the previous book to Roll Up Your Sleeves, I must say Michael Alan Tate’s new book reads better than the first. Like The White Shirt, Roll Up Your Sleeves is a parable about leadership. Many nuggets of advice are in Roll Up Your Sleeves, but the message […]

2019 Reading List

For years I’ve tried to average one book a week each year. Most years, I’ve met my goal, but in 2019 my goal wasn’t met due to reading scripture more than reading numerous books. Even still, below is my completed reading list for 2019 with additional thought on selected works, authors, and other themes. I […]

Highlights From My 2018 Reading List

Previously I shared my 2018 reading list. Within that list are a variety of books. Some were fun, some were serious, other books I wish I never started. The later books I will not spend anytime on. Rather, below, I want to share with you my big picture reflections over the books I read and […]

Books I Read in 2018

Below are the books I read in 2018. They range from theology to comic books to biographies and more. The next post will explain impressions the list gave to my reading and life. My hope is that you’ll find a book below that interests you. If so, feel free to ask! Who Moved My Pulpit […]

Shadowlands (Movie) Review

While this review is not on a book, it is on the dramatization of a prolific author who has written many great fiction and nonfiction. Plus, good movies are hard to find, but some films are like diamonds in the rough. They are hidden gems that have always been there; just a few knew of […]

Prayer Made Easy

Prayer is easy. Prayer is valuable. Prayer is difficult. Prayer is unknown. These phrases among many more begin to describe people’s view of prayer. It’s also helpful to know the most diligent prayer warriors struggle with prayer. Even they desire for their prayer life to grow deeper. However, there is an easy and practical technique one can use […]

An Intentional Guide to Reading

Reading is my hobby. It’s one I never thought I’d take up. However, due to the volumes I was required to read in seminary the habit turned into a joy. So much of one that now when I come home from conferences it’s not uncommon I return with many free books. In fact, the picture to […]

Book Review: New Morning Mercies, by Paul Tripp

Devotionals can be a dime a dozen. The way they are laid out is almost as predictable as a crime show procedural. Readers know there will be an entry for each day and that the entry will not be very long. Usually there is a scripture to accompany the devotional and after each one is read […]

Book Review: Romans 8-16 For You by Tim Keller

A lot has been written about the book of Romans. Some people interpret it in fragments and fail to see the holistic theme of the book. For example, some people have taken chapters 9 through 11 as written only for Israel, while the rest of the book is meant for non-Israel. Yet neither approach is correct. Rather, […]

Book Review: Am I Called? by Dave Harvey

Seeking to become a pastor or minister is confusing. Every group has a different way of vetting those who believe they’ve been called to serve others. Different denominations have different requirements and each church offers a variety of methods. Depending on the type of church you belong the process can be easy or difficult. But, what […]