God’s Not Dead & Neither Are The Newsboys (Movie Review)

On Wednesday 21 January 2015 many people within protestant Christianity began buzzing over an article stating that a founder of Newsboys has embraced atheism. It is sad that George Perdikis has come to this decision in his life, but we need to be careful to not overreact to his recent confession. Here are some things to consider:

Preaching By Ear by Dave & Karen McClellan

Have you ever wondered how to preach without notes? Then you should read the book Preaching By Ear that is written by authors Dave and Karen McClellan. This unique book on preaching involves the typical steps of building an outline, utilizing specific illustrations, and relying on one’s notes. But, unlike the typical preaching book, Preaching […]

Book Review: What is Biblical Theology? By James Hamilton

Most people don’t like arguments. This is because some avoid conflict, others don’t want to seem negative, and many more feel when arguments arise that their words are grossly misrepresented. What they have said seems to get twisted by the person they are arguing with than truly representing the meaning they truly intended. This twisting […]

Can I Really Trust The Bible? By Barry Cooper

   Having read many books in the Questions Christians Ask series from The Good Book Company; Can I Really Trust the Bible is the tidiest book yet. Author Barry Cooper addresses many objections that critics ask throughout this entry. He does this while weaving a unified theme of Pooh Bear (yes, this book is filled […]

How Can I Be Sure? by John Stevens

Doubt is the appropriate word to describe if I was going to be able to write this book review or not. At the time of this writing I confess I have had a rough few weeks in my life where I did not feel like reading or writing. So I was doubtful that I had […]

How Will The World End?: Book Review

When writing a good story the ending can be the most difficult part. God’s story of redemption found within the Bible is no different. The difficulty is found when one is required to interpret the Bible’s ending from a list of possibilities. As a result, for centuries many scholars and layman have debated exactly how […]

1 Samuel For You: Book Review

The Old Testament is boring, or at least some Christians think so unless they are reading Genesis, Psalms, Proverbs, and perhaps Jonah. Such a view could not be further from the truth and author Tim Chester proves this with his latest book 1 Samuel For You. In this entry from The Good Book Company’s “God’s […]

Titus For You: Book Review & Summary

Theological debates occur within Christianity; sadly, some miss the main point biblical authors were really communicating. For example, the book of Titus is often remembered for the checklist of qualifications concerning elders, yet there is more to the book than this one topic. Author Tim Chester of Sheffield, England does a great job in Titus […]

The Devil’s Influence In Our Life & His Limits

The Adversary: The Christian Versus Demon Activity Often people ask me about spiritual warfare and if Satan is behind every bad thing that happens to us. This usually prompts me to point them towards Mark Bubeck’s book The Adversary: The Christian Versus Demon Activity, which I will explain detail below. The Adversary is a bold […]

Movie Review: God’s Not Dead & Apologetic Considerations

Recently, I saw the movie “God’s Not Dead,” which I was very interested in two reasons. One, I have studied apologetics (the defense of the Christian faith) extensively and the movie centers heavily on Christian apologetics. Second, I had read Rice Broocks book, “God’s Not Dead” that the movie is based on. Both reasons combined […]