A Church Allegory Far Too Common

In 1996 Pastor Growth was turning around the declining church of Retirement Baptist. The growth was causing a renewed spirit within the church. This attitude changed quickly once new members wanted to serve in the church actively. Retirement Baptist had many longtime members who said, “They can serve when they have been here as long […]

My Current Life Verse (s)

Occasionally I will be asked, “Mike, what is your life verse?” Depending on when you knew me in my life, my answer might change. My approach might not seem very consistent with the idea of a life verse, but as our lives change, I believe our verses can change. However, if you are a one […]

Hawaii Reflections

Within the next year, my wife Amy and I will be leaving the Hawaii islands. Where our next stop in the journey of life leads, we do not know. What we do know is that our time in Hawaii has been amazing! There have been many opportunities for growth, renewal, forgiveness, restoration of our souls […]

Be A Loving Stepping Stone Than A Stumbling Block

A recent post attempted to persuade Christians to restrict their corporate worship attendance based on love. I believe love should be a Christian’s primary motivation in all things, as indicated in Romans 13. Love includes our responses to COVID-19 and other possible restrictions. Sadly, some Christians have rarely value love for one’s Christian motivation.

One Word Goal For 2020: Acceptance

Most years, I choose one word than a resolution to focus on to start each New Year. In prior years I’ve chosen hope, faith, and peace. With each choice has come a singular area of focus for growth. My goal came after doing ministry over multiple days, with two different approaches — the second day’s […]

Advent: Week Four, Peace

First, Merry Christmas, especially if you are reading this on 25-December. If not, Merry Christmas as we celebrate Christmas over multiple days during this holiday season. Also, as Advent this year has looked at Hope, Faith, and Joy, it now concludes with the final word this year: Peace.  Isaiah 9:6 reminds us that peace is […]

Advent: Week Three, Joy!

As we continue in our Advent season, so far, we have looked at Hope and Faith during weeks one and two. This Advent week, the focus is on joy and what better payoff for one’s hope and faith than joy! A truth evident in Luke 2: “The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all […]

Advent: Week Two, Faith!

Faith can be challenging! Faith is rough when we don’t know how long our faith must sustain us. Faith is even more robust when we struggle to see if we’ve heard from God rightly. Despite these and other challenges, there are some certainties with faith too. Christmas then reminds us that the object of our […]

Advent: Week One, Hope!

Hope is a loaded term these days. From politics to generic inspirational use, hope can now mean many things to many people. Defining hope with such diversity is not bad; after all, the opposite is dread. Since then some family and friends face sorrow during the Holidays; hope is dread’s alternative. Furthermore, since our culture uses hope so often, we Christians can […]

Jesus’ Body Was Not “Broken” For You!

Communion or The Lord’s Supper is an essential part of worship for the Christian faith. With the practice comes the remembrance of Christ and His substitutionary atonement for us on the Cross of Calvary. Yet often, when I attend churches or chapels of various denominational beliefs, I hear pastors get one phrase wrong. Often they […]