God CAN & MAY Put More On You Than You Can Handle…And That’s Good!

  Many of us have heard the phrase, “God will never put more on us than we can handle.” A friend of mine asked me about this phrase this morning. His concerns were, “Can someone please give me a solid biblical understanding of the statement?” My friend’s question was very appropriate. The answer I provided […]

Witnessing A Plane Crash

Friday, June 21st 2019 is a night I will never forget. Not because I was going to do another beach wedding for some Army Soldiers, but sadly, I’ll remember it because I was one of the eyewitnesses who saw the Dillingham Cessna airplane crash that killed 11 people. From my perspective, the evening was supposed […]

Be A Loving Stepping Stone Than A Stumbling Block

A recent post attempted to persuade Christians to restrict their corporate worship attendance based on love. I believe love should be a Christian’s primary motivation in all things, as indicated in Romans 13. Love includes our responses to COVID-19 and other possible restrictions. Sadly, some Christians have rarely value love for one’s Christian motivation.

A Loving Response to Corporate Worship During a Pandemic

Recently the news has reported that a few pastors and churches have gotten in trouble for holding church services during COVID-19 stay at home orders. These churches claim that it is unconstitutional for any government to refuse them their right to express their religious beliefs. As an Army Chaplain, I understand their concern well. A […]

Coronavirus and the Long-Haul 

How are you planning for the Coronavirus or COVID-19’s long-term impacts?  Reading that question, some hope it will all be over by May, at worst the end of Summer. Others of you are planning and preparing for the long-term. One example I can give of a longer-term approach is the Army is pitching its Soldiers […]

2019 Reading List

For years I’ve tried to average one book a week each year. Most years, I’ve met my goal, but in 2019 my goal wasn’t met due to reading scripture more than reading numerous books. Even still, below is my completed reading list for 2019 with additional thought on selected works, authors, and other themes. I […]

A New Website

A New Website Launch Today I’m announcing the official design launch of my new website. Many of you have been following my posts for some time, and for that, I say, “Thank you!” Others of you, I’ve added to my email distribution because I see you as a valued part of my life and want […]

Happy Valentine’s Day To Your Family!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Yes, this day is associated with commercialism a lot. For example, two years ago, I was in a store on Christmas Eve night. Unfortunately, I saw Valentine’s Day candy already available for purchase. Despite the desire to profit from the February 14th date, don’t ignore the opportunities available to love someone close […]

My “Drinking Game” With The Bible…And Coffee

Each day I play a drinking game when I read scripture. Yep, I have specific rules where when I hit a goal; I take a sip. When I hit the next goal, I take another sip. Except, what I sip on is not alcohol, just coffee. But, I’ve found this “drinking game” with a cup […]