Health = Integrity: Everyday Exercise Through Your Hobbies

Last week, I began giving some basic advice for weight loss and overall wellness. Today I’ll continue by offering another piece of advice, which is exercise. In my experience and education exercise is the opposite wing of an airplane from one’s diet that makes wellness fly and succeed. Now on hearing this you may cringe at the thought of exercise, but I want to encourage you with tips for everyday exercise.

The idea of “everyday exercise” is to involve exercise into our normal activities. This is because I know people who cringe at the thought of exercise. To be fair, I did too. Thoughts of running, weight lifting, even cross-fit entered into my mind and I wanted physical rebel. By the way, each of these activities are great exercise options, but know there are other options.

Personally, some options I’ve chosen are to park at the back of a parking lot and walk a few extra steps for exercise. When picking something up off the floor I reach without bending my knees to help increase the flexibility in my legs. Also, I’ve changed my attitude about household chores. Previously, I hated to work outside in the yard. Now I look forward to working in the yard because I know its exercise through these everyday activities in my life.

thIn addition to these options I want to share my favorite everyday exercise change I’ve made; I’ve simply placed my treadmill in the living room. By having the treadmill in the living room I choose to walk while watching the news, my favorite shows, or a sports program. This option can be done at an intense pace or at a very slow pace. Either way I’m choosing to remain active than sit in a recliner. Even when I go at the slower pace, which doesn’t cause me to sweat in case I don’t have time for a shower, I’m burning some calories. This is because I’m intentionally choosing to remain active just by living my normal life.

Feel free to create your own activities for everyday exercise because the possibilities are endless. Just remember, the idea is to involve exercise into your normal life and get in shape as you go than when you go. By doing this, you’ll find that everyday exercise is like saving pennies; the calories burned will add up and payout over time and you’ll be glad you did.

My weekly statistics are I now weight 172.8 lbs. down from my original 183.6 lbs. My waistline is now 37 inches from 40 inches. That’s a loss of 10.8 lbs. and 3-inch loss in my waistline.

Health = Personal Integrity: Calorie Counting Tips

Last week, I promised I would devout this week on a weight loss tip so I’m going share with you the core tactic, which is simply calorie counting. Now this is not the only tactic I’m using, but this week I’ll focus on tips to make your calorie counting successful.


In 2002 I was in college and I still had a high metabolism, but I since my waistline was growing a little I decided to start working out. I would go to the gym for about an hour and a half a few times a week. To celebrate my hard work I would go home and eat a big bowl of ice cream and wash it down with a Pepsi. Then I would wonder why I wasn’t losing any weight. I soon realized I could not eat everything I wanted because I exercised. As the old cliché goes it takes a healthy balance of diet and exercise. Therefore, I believe calorie counting is a great way to start an effective diet. Here are a few tips to begin:

1. Utilizing A Calorie Counting App Or Website.

Personally, I use Lost It, but other people prefer using My Fitness Pal, Spark People, and others. If you use these websites or you Google others know that any of all them will guide you in your weight loss journey. So pick a site you like best and stick with it. Also, aim to lose one (1) pound per week. That’s a very healthy and realistic goal to eat the things you enjoy as you track your calories.


2. Don’t Just Count Your Calories; Stay Within Your Daily Limit

Simply counting calories will not work; Continue reading “Health = Personal Integrity: Calorie Counting Tips”

Health = Personal Integrity: Applying the Education = Ministry

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, SELF-CONTROL; against such things there is no law.” (Galatians 5:22-23)

Have you ever felt guilty for being unhealthy? Have you ever felt frustrated about your weight? If you’re like some people I know then the answer is probably, yes. I know when I think about being overweight it’s how I feel and is a reason why I started this blog series last week. Like many whom I’ve spoken with, being overweight or unhealthy is something that weighs on us both physically and emotionally. Additionally, my frustration reaches beyond just the physical and emotional implications of my life. This is because I also have a professional basis of disdain, which I’m choosing to use as a motivator and ministry tool.

UnknownMy professional disdain stems from the fact that I have a Masters in Physical Education, but yet my lifestyle does not reflect the degree I’ve earned. I believe this jeopardizes some of my own personal integrity and leadership abilities. After all, as a pastor it’s very difficult to persuade others to have self-control when I don’t practice it myself, especially since I have the knowledge to do better than I do. This is one of many reasons why I want to lose weight and become healthier. Simply, I want to use the tools I possess to have a better physical integrity so I can personally set a better leadership example for others and show them the way.

Also, a personal trainer once told me, Continue reading “Health = Personal Integrity: Applying the Education = Ministry”

Health = Integrity: Week 2

First, Happy Memorial Day to those who have served in the Military before me, with me, and especially those who have give their lives for the U.S. It is an honor to serve with many great many and women in the Armed Forces. Also, I’m thankful those those before me who have paved the way so that I might be able to serve too.

Since it’s Memorial Day today’s message will be a brief update of my weight loss statistics. A fuller post will be provided tomorrow to coincide with the workweek. Until then know that my weekly statistics are; I now weight 178.6 down from 183.6 and my waistline is now 39 inches from 40 inches. That’s a loss of five (5) pounds and a one-inch (1) loss in waistline. See you tomorrow! 

Health = Personal Integrity

(An Introduction) 

Recently I weighed in at 183.6 pounds, the most I have ever weighed in my life. For anyone who knows me from high school you know this is a huge deal (no pun intended), because when I was 18 years old I weighed a whole 125 lbs. I was so small I had one of my high school football coaches Travis Lynch say, “He has a waistline many women would kill for.” In contrast to then when my waistline was 29 inches my waistline is now 40 inches. This was due to my mega metabolism that allowed me to even out eat some of the football players. However, as I have become older and more sedentary my weight and waistline has increased. So when I stepped on the scale and pulled out the tape measure I finally hit the point where I am ready to change the direction of my overall health.

Personally, a source of inspiration over the past 9 to 10 months has been my friend Brian Harris. He has done a great job losing around 175 lbs. through solid exercise and a healthy diet, which he chronicles on his website I Was 396. As I have watched Brian’s weight loss I myself have been inspired and today I am beginning my own journey towards health and wellness. I know if Brian can lose 175 lbs. then I can lose around 30 lbs. towards my goals of 155 lbs. So Brian thank-you for your inspiration and I hope I can be an example to others in other areas. Continue reading “Health = Personal Integrity”