COVID-19 Opportunities in Hawaii’s Second Shutdown

In July, I wrote an essay stating my intention to release monthly thoughts about our time living in Hawaii. Well, I missed July, August, and almost September. My absence is due to the fact that COVID-19 has made Hawaii seem less like a paradise and more like a prison. However, as I’ve relearned, with a […]

When Social Media Becomes Randomly Negative, Move On!

Social media is great! We can stay connected with people who we care about and know. We get to reconnect with people, allowing us to interact and reconnect over topics all over again. However, despite these advantages, there is one annoying person: the random commenter. You know the person I’m talking about, someone you’ve not […]

To-Want List:

Words matter. Not just with facts, but they matter in how they motivate or discourage us. For example, what comes to mind when you hear the phrase “To-Do List”? Depending on your personality, the phrase might motivate you. For others hearing the words “To-Do List” create dread because you associate it with chores or things […]

Avoiding People and Making Friends on Social Media

Remember, when social media use to be fun? Like, when it was entertaining and not political or divisive, but exploratory fun! Yea, those overarching days are over, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still protect ourselves, and yet have fun, and continue to make new friends. For many of us, we learn from our mistakes […]

Witnessing A Plane Crash

Friday, June 21st 2019 is a night I will never forget. Not because I was going to do another beach wedding for some Army Soldiers, but sadly, I’ll remember it because I was one of the eyewitnesses who saw the Dillingham Cessna airplane crash that killed 11 people. From my perspective, the evening was supposed […]

Hawaii Reflections

Within the next year, my wife Amy and I will be leaving the Hawaii islands. Where our next stop in the journey of life leads, we do not know. What we do know is that our time in Hawaii has been amazing! There have been many opportunities for growth, renewal, forgiveness, restoration of our souls […]

Airplane Mode and Alarm Clocks For Productivity

COVID-19 has brought many challenges and opportunities to the world. Many of us have found ourselves remotely for the first time. Finally, for many, the dream of working from home has arrived…or has it? Working from home has come many dings, dongs, and other interruptions on one’s computer, tables, and phones. How then does one […]

Roll Up Your Sleeves, by Michael Alan Tate Book Reaction

Having read The White Shirt book, which is the previous book to Roll Up Your Sleeves, I must say Michael Alan Tate’s new book reads better than the first. Like The White Shirt, Roll Up Your Sleeves is a parable about leadership. Many nuggets of advice are in Roll Up Your Sleeves, but the message […]

Coronavirus and the Long-Haul 

How are you planning for the Coronavirus or COVID-19’s long-term impacts?  Reading that question, some hope it will all be over by May, at worst the end of Summer. Others of you are planning and preparing for the long-term. One example I can give of a longer-term approach is the Army is pitching its Soldiers […]

2019 Reading List

For years I’ve tried to average one book a week each year. Most years, I’ve met my goal, but in 2019 my goal wasn’t met due to reading scripture more than reading numerous books. Even still, below is my completed reading list for 2019 with additional thought on selected works, authors, and other themes. I […]