My “Drinking Game” With The Bible…And Coffee

Each day I play a drinking game when I read scripture. Yep, I have specific rules where when I hit a goal; I take a sip. When I hit the next goal, I take another sip. Except, what I sip on is not alcohol, just coffee. But, I’ve found this “drinking game” with a cup […]

Lessons From Above

Today I had the chance to fly with the Army Battalion where I serve. This flight is not my first, but one that taught me something new. Specifically, I learned to see what God sees, which is a big picture perspective. See, the picture in this article is one I took from my flight. As […]

Photography Fridays: Birds Have Nests & We Need Rest

Over the past few weeks I’ve shared pictures in this blog series and given my own thoughts about their meaning. This week I’m simply going to start sharing a picture I’ve taken along with a scripture verse or quotation association with the photo. Like any work of art the wonderful thing about photography is that […]

Photography Fridays: Ladder of Success Means Giving Up Control.

Today, I continue my blog series called Photography Friday’s by sharing with you the picture of this old ladder from my wife’s swing set she had as a child. Recently, I found the ladder still standing in her backyard and decided it made for an interesting photograph. After all, it’s not often you see a […]

Photography Fridays: The Step to Greener Pastures Is Closer Than We Think.

Today I begin an ongoing blog series called, “Photography Fridays.” Each Friday I will publish a reflective-inspirational style post from photographs I have taken, which is a recent hobby I’ve adopted as an attempt for of artistic expression. So I anticipate this will be a work in progress. In the meantime, these photos will involve […]