Lessons From Above

Today I had the chance to fly with the Army Battalion where I serve. This flight is not my first, but one that taught me something new. Specifically, I learned to see what God sees, which is a big picture perspective.

See, the picture in this article is one I took from my flight. As I simultaneously looked out the window and reflected on my picture, it occurred to me that this view is a glimpse of how God sees our life. God does not get caught up with all of the stressful details to the point that it robs Himself of the scenic view.

Now, in the picture is a lot of detail. There are trees, different tracks of land, man-made structures, and so much more. All of this detail is not a stress nor does it distract from the pictures scenic beauty. If anything, the details enhance the scene than damage the view. Continue reading “Lessons From Above”

Photography Fridays: Birds Have Nests & We Need Rest

Over the past few weeks I’ve shared pictures in this blog series and given my own thoughts about their meaning. This week I’m simply going to start sharing a picture I’ve taken along with a scripture verse or quotation association with the photo. Like any work of art the wonderful thing about photography is that each person can interpret his or her own meaning. So I’m going to do this more than offering a long explanation from my own perspective. This doesn’t mean I won’t ever blog alongside the photos, but I won’t be writing as frequently in this series as before. This is because I want the photo’s to speak for themselves; minus a scripture or quote that concisely associates with the picture. With that said, here is this week’s entry. I hope you enjoy it because it’s one of my favorites.


Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” (Luke 9:58)