During my career, I’ve worked in college athletics, but sports is not the type of coaching I intend to facilitate. Instead, coaching is a present tense interaction that interpersonally occurs between two or more parties to assist one in establishing and reaching their goals. These goals can be both personal and professional.

One of my favorite ways to begin helping you reach your goals is through the Four Lenses Personality assessment. Be it individually or within a group; the Four Lenses condenses the strengths of both the MBTI and the DISC profile into fun and applicable results. Results where you’ll not only understand yourself better, but more importantly, by knowing yourself and others, you’ll better relate to everyone.

Being a Blackaby Certified Coach, which strives towards the International Coaching Federation (ICF) standards, I aim to coach and consult with both individuals and businesses. Combined with my experience within both the military and athletics, allow me to lead you to set new goals and plans to reach your goals for yourself as you communicate them to your organization.

Pricing for coaching/consulting varies on from client-to-client and need. For a comprehensive quote, please write Mike at [email protected] for more specifics.