Pastoral Redemptions

Pastoral Corrections is a series that covers humorous, sad, and practical stories on the topic of pastoral ministry. As each story or topic is covered suggestions are given towards making ministry better. The entries may come from self-reflection and confession; they may come from observations. Either way, the purpose of improvement is to encourage the church to be a light to a culture in need of Christ’s hope. The pastorate is emphasized because change starts with leadership.

Some of the points made will stir debate. Good, because that is the point. Without discussion, change cannot be made. Any change then that is made the hope is that God will be glorified.

Lastly, know that each topic covered is handled seriously. Yes, humor will be interjected into the stories and points when possible. However, the aim of each post is real. No post is meant to be exaggerated except when explicitly stated at the top of the article. Then and only then is the post fictional. As a result, some posts may beg the question, “Is this article really proposing that?” Again, it is proposing that. Remember, change is not made without discussion, or without new ideas. Sometimes those ideas may seem provocative when they are not. Rather, the ideas are simply new ways to do things, which is needed in a culture that is short on attention.

So, thank-you for reading and please post a comment after each article. Since the discussion is a priority, you will get a response. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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