Dear Lord,

We pray for real leadership in our culture.
Leadership that seeks to put the other’s view before themselves.

A leadership that will not seek to push issues down the road,
but leaders who seek to solve problems today than later.

In the meantime, we pray as we wait for leaders to reach their conclusions,
we pray we see the big picture perspective results from their current decisions.

May we assess their current decision makings with wisdom.

Might we avoid assessment through a short-term lens,
instead, let us prayerfully evaluate over the long-term results,
after all, your aims and goals are enteral,
ours is only a lifetime, which is short-term.

We give these things to you,
not in spite of any leader,
be they in agreement without values or not,
but, we pray these things in accord with your glory than ours.

As a result, we trust in your Sovereign hand to rectify these wrongs,
for your glory and then ours,
we pray…

In Christ Alone,


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