In 1998 I felt a call towards ministry. In 2004 I began my first semester at seminary. Neither landmark date did I ever imagine myself doing any chaplaincy. First, I didn’t know that much about chaplaincy. Second, I envisioned myself as a megachurch pastor. So why would I even entertain the idea of being a chaplain? Well, 12 years later not only am I a chaplain, but I’m a chaplain in three different areas, and I couldn’t be any happier.

See, I believe that chaplaincy is the greatest adventure in ministry because each day is different. As a chaplain, I get to meet a variety of people who are each in different situations. This diversity is a result of the nature of chaplaincy; it’s also because I’m a chaplain in three different areas. Specifically I’m a chaplain in the military, in hospice, and for local businesses. So combining the natural diversity found in chaplaincy with these three unique forms of chaplaincy, I have the pleasure of experiencing the adventure of chaplaincy like few get to do so.

One of my favorite forms of chaplaincy is corporate chaplaincy. Specifically, I get to do this through Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA) in the Montgomery, Alabama area. As a corporate chaplain, I get to “build caring relationships in a non-threatening way with the hope of sharing the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening manner.” The previous quote is the companies mission statement, but also a phrase I believe in. It’s one that matches my core values. See, I love relating to people who typically don’t come to church better than people who are the stereotypical church goers. Not that I don’t enjoy Christians, because I do, but I find people who are unfamiliar with Christianity even more fascinating. My fascination comes from a desire to help them see the value that Christ and the church can bring to their life. As I get the chance to reveal the relevancy of Christ to people – both Christian and not – I’m able to live out both the mission of CCA and my core values.

Now, that I’ve described that vision let me ask, what would it be like if your company had a corporate chaplain? Imagine how your co-workers, employees, and friends would benefit from having a chaplain care for them through their hurts and celebrations. If this idea excites or inspires you, then I’d love to help partner your business or place of employment with the opportunity to partner you with CCA. To do so e-mail me at [email protected] and I look forward to talking with you more about this incredible opportunity. You may also create an official inquiry by clicking right here. Either way, Corporate Chaplaincy is a chance where we can adventure together I think we can change people’s lives forever! Now, how does that sound for an adventure? Will you be willing to join me?

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