Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Yes, this day is associated with commercialism a lot. For example, two years ago, I was in a store on Christmas Eve night. Unfortunately, I saw Valentine’s Day candy already available for purchase. Despite the desire to profit from the February 14th date, don’t ignore the opportunities available to love someone close to you. Doing so is an excellent display of love and can better your romantic prospects’ long-term. Here are some examples. 

1. Significant Others – Obviously, if you are dating, engaged, or married, you want to honor that person in your life. No matter the relationship, make it unique with them and enjoy another. Even if they say, “Oh, I hate Valentine’s Day, don’t do anything for me,” do it anyway. In most cases, you can’t go wrong. For everyone else…

2. Love A Family Member – One of the sweetest stories I’ve heard on Valentine’s Day was when my wife’s Dad took her out to dinner on February 14th when she was in college. Not having a date that night, my Father-In-Law loved her as his daughter. Their story reminds me that Valentine’s Day can supersede marketing and tell anyone that we love them. Besides, while my Father-In-Law is biased, he knew my wife is a gem and wouldn’t always be alone. Today I’m glad to celebrate it with her each year and am grateful for his foundation in years prior. 

3. Do An Anti-Valentine’s Group Gathering – Before I dated my wife, our 20s Single’s Church Class had a group where we did an “Anti-Valentine’s Gathering.” A few of us hung out with another on Valentine’s Day, and the evening was great. Not only did we have a great dinner, but we went book shopping, and didn’t feel the pressure to date another person. Guess what? That evening also helped plant a critical seed necessary for my wife and me to break the ice with another. Why? Because we were relaxed and able to be ourselves. Even if my wife and I never connected, it was a great evening where I got to love my friends for who they were than feeling the pressure to date those who were single. 

4. Take Risks – One of my strangest Valentine’s Day dates involved a girl I dated who wanted to watch Saw 2 as our date movie. At first, I thought, “That movie is perfect. She’ll want to snuggle up next to me because she’s scared!” Nope, she was just was a little different, which is why I dated her to start with, and that’s just the type of movies she liked. That weekend she also broke up with me. I should have “Saw” her breakup coming. Ultimately, our separation was for the best, but the risk, while odd, was worth it because we did have a good time, and I learned what type of girl I didn’t want to date. 

5. Make It Your Own – Perhaps there is another way to celebrate Valentine’s Day that resonates with you. If so, do it! Remember, the holiday doesn’t have to be strictly romantic. That’s just what the marketers tell us. Sure, many of my examples involved romance, but they also included beneficial life experiences, which make Valentine’s Day worthwhile. 

Maybe you have a significant other, perhaps not. Either way, there’s probably someone you can show love towards. Remember, Valentine’s Day is about showing love more than it is about receiving love. That said, being the secret admirer comes with considerable risk and often little reward. So consider other ways to show appreciation to those you value. As alluded to above, your family is a great place to start showing love to others

Be wise then, and remind your family that you love them. Remember, their love is important and maybe even more significant. Through your healthy relationships with your loving family, you’ll find the foundation that will guide you towards a better romantic match long-term. In the meantime, be grateful for your family. If you have no family, thenshow love to your friends and others. Each is worth your love and can make Valentine’s Day special, no matter your circumstance! 

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