Health = Integrity: Everyday Exercise Through Your Hobbies

Last week, I began giving some basic advice for weight loss and overall wellness. Today I’ll continue by offering another piece of advice, which is exercise. In my experience and education exercise is the opposite wing of an airplane from one’s diet that makes wellness fly and succeed. Now on hearing this you may cringe at the thought of exercise, but I want to encourage you with tips for everyday exercise.

The idea of “everyday exercise” is to involve exercise into our normal activities. This is because I know people who cringe at the thought of exercise. To be fair, I did too. Thoughts of running, weight lifting, even cross-fit entered into my mind and I wanted physical rebel. By the way, each of these activities are great exercise options, but know there are other options.

Personally, some options I’ve chosen are to park at the back of a parking lot and walk a few extra steps for exercise. When picking something up off the floor I reach without bending my knees to help increase the flexibility in my legs. Also, I’ve changed my attitude about household chores. Previously, I hated to work outside in the yard. Now I look forward to working in the yard because I know its exercise through these everyday activities in my life.

thIn addition to these options I want to share my favorite everyday exercise change I’ve made; I’ve simply placed my treadmill in the living room. By having the treadmill in the living room I choose to walk while watching the news, my favorite shows, or a sports program. This option can be done at an intense pace or at a very slow pace. Either way I’m choosing to remain active than sit in a recliner. Even when I go at the slower pace, which doesn’t cause me to sweat in case I don’t have time for a shower, I’m burning some calories. This is because I’m intentionally choosing to remain active just by living my normal life.

Feel free to create your own activities for everyday exercise because the possibilities are endless. Just remember, the idea is to involve exercise into your normal life and get in shape as you go than when you go. By doing this, you’ll find that everyday exercise is like saving pennies; the calories burned will add up and payout over time and you’ll be glad you did.

My weekly statistics are I now weight 172.8 lbs. down from my original 183.6 lbs. My waistline is now 37 inches from 40 inches. That’s a loss of 10.8 lbs. and 3-inch loss in my waistline.

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