Today I had the chance to fly with the Army Battalion where I serve. This flight is not my first, but one that taught me something new. Specifically, I learned to see what God sees, which is a big picture perspective.

See, the picture in this article is one I took from my flight. As I simultaneously looked out the window and reflected on my picture, it occurred to me that this view is a glimpse of how God sees our life. God does not get caught up with all of the stressful details to the point that it robs Himself of the scenic view.

Now, in the picture is a lot of detail. There are trees, different tracks of land, man-made structures, and so much more. All of this detail is not a stress nor does it distract from the pictures scenic beauty. If anything, the details enhance the scene than damage the view.

Similarly, our views should be the same. Often we hear of people saying, “I’m a big picture person” or another state, “I’m a detail-oriented person.” Why not both? A lesson from today’s view from my flight has taught me that over focusing on either creates stress. Rather, when we rely on both, they compliment another than compete for which one is best. Just like my picture in this article; it takes many details to enjoy the scenic big picture, but when down in the weeds below don’t let those details distract you from the beauty at hand.

I believe such a balance is how God sees our lives. As a result, I trust and choose to enjoy all of life’s views because I know the Lord has used detail to create beauty than stress.

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