Today is Fat Tuesday, which is also the day that New Orleans and Mobile celebrate Mardi Gras since Mobile is where Mardi Gras originated. As many celebrate Mardi Gras, they will also participate in Fat Tuesday before a season of fasting begins. See the day after Fat Tuesday is Ash Wednesday when many Catholics (and now Protestants) choose at least one thing to fast until Easter. Personally, I have decided to “limit” my texting over the month of February. Therefore, today is the final day of my limited-texting lifestyle and here is my last assessment of my exercise.

1. Calling Is Now Preferred Over Texting. – There are times when texting is needed. For example, when my wife says, “Could you get some milk on the way home?” is better than a call. However, for more serious topics I prefer a phone call.

2. Relationships Matter. – By forcing people to call me, I’ve created deeper and better relationships with others. The best part of this is that it’s happened within my family. So the fact that I can say that I feel more confident in some of my family relationships due to phone calls over texts are a value I’ll cherish forever.

3. FLEXIBILITY & BOUNDARIES!!!!!! – Life happens! Over the past week, I’ve had some pretty exciting news, some of the biggest in my life. With this news has come a myriad of details to share and workout. So many that doing a call for each would have been cumbersome. As a result, actively backing off of the “no texting policy” is a wise move. The added flexibility combined with needed boundaries provide the right balance to tackle needed problems while celebrating this great news with those I love.

In closing, as one fast ends, another begins. Fasting is a spiritual discipline, one that Donald Whitney encourages in his book “Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life.” Yes, there are some who state fasting can only be food. Some say it’s only for Catholics. Both miss the point, which is that we can fast from anything that allows us to focus more on Christ. A focus that is meant to be secret and between the Lord alone and us. Therefore as I enter Lent, I will privately fast (Matt. 6:16-18) from something as I seek His face more. As I do, I look forward to falling in love with Christ more. I hope you choose to seek the Lord during this time too through a strategic fast. As you do, may you also fall in love with Jesus.

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