Ok, I’m trying to put this post out real quick, so quick that I want to put it out before the end of the NBA Finals. So if the grammar and such is not the best please forgive me.

This said, I know a lot of people are rooting AGAINST the Heat as they have been for the past few years. The constant source of angst is because a lot of people do not like how LeBron James announced publicly he was going to the Miami Heat three (3) years ago. I know this is not the only reason, but it is a reason I find most common with people, even if this is not why people cheer against them now, many can trace their disdain for the Heat back to that moment. In response to that I will say, on surface level it seemed that the way LeBron handled his move to Miami from the Cleveland Cavaliers was insensitive to the Cavs and tasteless. One could say he was showboating a bit, but isn’t that what professional sports is all about? Isn’t the NBA and other pro-sports about entertainment? So why is LeBron the bad guy for trying to play up angle of him going to the Heat? Ok, I know that logic is flawed and can be debated quickly so let me tell you the rest of the story about why LeBron announced his departure from the Cavs to the Heat. Let me tell you about his famous interview with Jim Gray called “The Decision” that is rarely told or emphasized enough.

The rest of the story is that LeBron did this because sportscaster Jim Gray asked him to do the interview. LeBron also gave 2.5 million dollars to the Boys and Girls Club. In addition to the Boys and Girls club receiving 2.5 million dollars, an additional 3.5 million dollars was given to other charities. This all was made possible because LeBron decided to take Jim Gray up on his offer. LeBron did the decision to help raise 6 million dollars for charities and not for himself. Now please know I think he should have let the Cavs know in a better way than how he did in 2010, but when we are quick to hate on the Heat lets make certain we know the full story.

Therefore, if we are going to paint LeBron as a bad guy because of The Decision, lets make certain we take into account the noble deeds because of this interview. Lets be fair and realize that LeBron is not such a bad guy as we want him to be, but he’s actually a guy that put a lot of kids and charities ahead of himself for one night. So before you are quick to hate on the Heat and root against them because of LeBron, please realize he’s not the stigma that sports fans have made him out to be in reality.

In conclusion, it’s sad, Lebron has been made to be a villain for one nights decision he made three (3) years ago when in reality he was trying to be a hero. But, hey, this is not the first time in history this has happened, so can you now cheer for the Heat? 🙂

By the way, I am a Heat fan and was a Heat fan before Lebron came to Miami. So to be fair I do write this with a little bit of bias, but bias based on facts as you can reference for yourself below.


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