No Cell PhoneMy iPhone is an hour away & I have no chance of obtaining it for the next four days. Upon realizing its location I initially panicked.  However, my stress did not last long because being away from my phone presents a unique opportunity, an opportunity for rest.

Let us admit that our cell phones cause us anxiety. Yes, they are helpful, but personally there have been many days I have wanted to disable my smart-phone or simply return to 2001 when everyone had the same Nokia phone. You know the phone I am talking about because back then the only interruption from our phones was a call and a RARE text message. Now we get more texts than calls, plenty of e-mail, and constant app notifications. We also are addicted to surfing the Internet, checking social media, or playing games. Slowly we have become use to the noise and alerts from our phones, but I would argue we would appreciate a break from our cell phones. Therefore, when I realized I would be apart from my iPhone for four days I embraced this opportunity for rest and renewal

The Bible encourages Christians to enter into regular periods of rest and renewal. Specifically one type of known rest is Sabbath Rest, which I believe God is offering me in the absence of my iPhone. This is where we focus on The Lord, learn His heart, and rest in His presence, which Matthew 11:28-29 encourages.

So over the next four days I look forward to cell-phone-free-life so I can enjoy time with my family. Also, I suspect I will discover or rediscover more important things to occupy my time than a portable entertainment device. Most of all, I anticipate hearing the Lord greater and hope to have a recharged renewal in Him since I will have a better focus without the distraction of my iPhone.

My friends, I believe we who seek The Lord could hear him better if we eliminated some of our interruptions. Sadly, for many of us smartphones are a necessity, but for some we actually worship technology more than we do Christ. Remember, it is not our technology that is evil, but when we prioritize it before the Lord we sin and are in error. Admittedly I have done this and these days without my iPhone I may find I enjoy life without a smart-phone. Only time will tell, but in the meantime I pray we all can intentionally take some time away from technology. Lets see how our focus changes and lets see how we hear God speak when we remove the noise. I bet we will find a recharge, rest, and renewal in the Lord, which many of us would gladly welcome even if we realize it or not.

If my argument does not convince you then check out the cartoon below.


 ***Also you can still contact me as I have a GoPhone I activate for a back up during times like these. So while I’m taking a break from the iPhone lifestyle you can still be contact me, but it has to be done with an actual phone call than text. Plus I do not have an address book so I won’t be making many calls since I do not have many people’s numbers.

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