Life has “any “have to” tasks. Preferably, we’d love for any demand we face be something we “want” to perform. In reality, life contains more “have to” moments then we wish. We must choose then to see the opportunity within each demand.

Within each opportunity comes personal growth we could never otherwise imagine. Personal growth occurs between the tension over the things we “want” to do and the things we “have to” do. Within this tension, we have the opportunity to change our attitude towards our undesired activities.

Also, it’s essential to avoid feeling entitled or victimized over being asked to do something; we can embrace our taskings, learn from them, and move past the burdens. After all, the shortest path beyond any job is working through any obstacle than trying to avoid our problems.

Again, tasks are not always fun, but they are a part of life. Let’s then embrace them, not to avoid fun, but to enrich our lives as individuals and professionals through the unknown lessons each task brings. Not only will we grow, but we’ll get to the fun in life faster and can enjoy it with more peace of mind.

After all, fun is a goal we all “want” to do! Let’s pay the price because, like a good admission park, it’s the cost that awaits for us beyond the gates of life’s demands.

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