Dear Lord,

We pray for a culture who doesn’t seek only criticism.

Both sides criticize,
no matter the side one is on,
no matter the issue.

Yes, we have differences,
but none of us are perfect.

Rather, let us all stop being self-righteous,
at least in our own eyes.

No, help us to realize that we are all hypocrites,
for not one is perfect, no one.

With this humility,
let us seek the good within another,
the good you gave to us when you created us.

Again, we have errors,
mistakes we need your rescue from,
and that’s your place to judge.

In the meantime,
might we equally see each other in need of compassion.

Might we give each other the benefit of the doubt!

I think you call that, “grace,”
may we then be gracious to another,
after all: when we are in the losing position we are just as critical.

Why then are we forgiving when our view is the winner?

Once more Lord, we need your rescue,
when we are honest we realize we are not as objective as we imagine.

Lord, help us, guide us, and unite us with your truth,
ours approach is flawed,
we are hurting ourselves and each other,
show us then to love you as we love our neighbor,
we pray…

In Christ alone,



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