My Current Life Verse (s)

Occasionally I will be asked, “Mike, what is your life verse?” Depending on when you knew me in my life, my answer might change. My approach might not seem very consistent with the idea of a life verse, but as our lives change, I believe our verses can change. However, if you are a one […]

My “Drinking Game” With The Bible…And Coffee

Each day I play a drinking game when I read scripture. Yep, I have specific rules where when I hit a goal; I take a sip. When I hit the next goal, I take another sip. Except, what I sip on is not alcohol, just coffee. But, I’ve found this “drinking game” with a cup […]

Resolve to Understand The Bible This Year

How’s Your Bible Reading This Year? No, my question isn’t meant to guilt you. Like many, I have attempted to read through the Bible each year and found myself behind schedule. Due to my own failure, some years I switch to different reading plans; other years I sped up my reading plan. Despite the differences, […]

Memorizing the Bible: A Simple Scriptural Challenge

In 2002, I attended a Christian Conference while I was in college. The speaker of that event strongly emphasized the need for scripture memory. The students like myself in that room did not want another chore on our busy college plates. Plus, no one likes more legalism. Anticipating these responses, the speaker had a very […]

We Need Messy Bibles For Our Lives

In high school, my friend Eric Wren told me, “If you’re Bible is in good shape, you’re probably not!” His phrase suggests we should have marked-up Bibles than pristine. Despite this truth, it can be hard to highlight or write in our Bibles; but we need to be messy! In a previous post, I shared […]

Listen Through the Bible in 2017

2017 is here, and so are New Year’s Resolutions. Some common resolutions each year relate to health and wellness. Others are developing a new hobby or spending time with family. Resolutions can be anything for anyone. Many Christians each year attempt to read through the Bible. This ambitious goal starts off well for many, but […]

Recommended Devotional Guides

Recently I wrote an article encouraging you that there is always time to have a personal devotional. All it takes is a little planning and knowing what options are available. One of my suggestions included the use of a personal devotional guide. As a result, today I want to suggest to you some great devotional […]

Journaling: The Importance of SOAP

In the last article I began sharing one of the two ways I journal. Today I offer you my second technique I strive to do each day. This method is much more related to how I process my Bible reading. Therefore, it could serve as a great means for you to not only journal effectively, […]

My Bible Highlighting System

Recently I wrote an article about my Bible reading plan where I try to read through the entire Bible as fast I can. Today I want to share my system of highlighting scripture. This approach helps me understand and refer to better. To begin, I use the Bible highlighting kit that is produced by G […]

My Bible Reading Plan

People all the time ask me, “What is your favorite Bible reading plan?” Well, here it is, I read it. No, really, I just read the Bible. I start in January in the book of Genesis and I read through it each year. Of course I know when people ask me about my Bible reading plan […]