Storms Are God’s Protection

In 2002 I was a Senior at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU). Since I felt a call to ministry in my life, I sought a way to merge my call to ministry with my recreation degree. As a result, I did an internship at the United Methodist Wesley Foundation where we were to execute “Operation Flamingo!” However, it never happened because God’s storm protected both me and other lives we never intended to touch.

In the Fall of 2002, my school was impacted by a Hurricane. Let that sink in for a second; a Hurricane affected Kentucky. It doesn’t happen often, but Hurricane Gustav prevented Operation Flamingo from happening.

See, Operation Flamingo was a thematic form of capture the flag where participants were to go all over campus to win. The winner would capture a “flamingo” to win. Due to the event occurring outdoors Hurricane Gustav canceled the event from happening. Knowing I’d not be able to finish my internship I initially disappointed. However, from my discouragement, God would teach me how storms bring His protection in the midst of a disaster. Continue reading “Storms Are God’s Protection”