Health = Personal Integrity: Calorie Counting Tips

Last week, I promised I would devout this week on a weight loss tip so I’m going share with you the core tactic, which is simply calorie counting. Now this is not the only tactic I’m using, but this week I’ll focus on tips to make your calorie counting successful.


In 2002 I was in college and I still had a high metabolism, but I since my waistline was growing a little I decided to start working out. I would go to the gym for about an hour and a half a few times a week. To celebrate my hard work I would go home and eat a big bowl of ice cream and wash it down with a Pepsi. Then I would wonder why I wasn’t losing any weight. I soon realized I could not eat everything I wanted because I exercised. As the old cliché goes it takes a healthy balance of diet and exercise. Therefore, I believe calorie counting is a great way to start an effective diet. Here are a few tips to begin:

1. Utilizing A Calorie Counting App Or Website.

Personally, I use Lost It, but other people prefer using My Fitness Pal, Spark People, and others. If you use these websites or you Google others know that any of all them will guide you in your weight loss journey. So pick a site you like best and stick with it. Also, aim to lose one (1) pound per week. That’s a very healthy and realistic goal to eat the things you enjoy as you track your calories.


2. Don’t Just Count Your Calories; Stay Within Your Daily Limit

Simply counting calories will not work; Continue reading “Health = Personal Integrity: Calorie Counting Tips”