Growing Your Business Through Chaplaincy!

In 1998 I felt a call towards ministry. In 2004 I began my first semester at seminary. Neither landmark date did I ever imagine myself doing any chaplaincy. First, I didn’t know that much about chaplaincy. Second, I envisioned myself as a megachurch pastor. So why would I even entertain the idea of being a chaplain? Well, 12 years later not only am I a chaplain, but I’m a chaplain in three different areas, and I couldn’t be any happier.

See, I believe that chaplaincy is the greatest adventure in ministry because each day is different. As a chaplain, I get to meet a variety of people who are each in different situations. This diversity is a result of the nature of chaplaincy; it’s also because I’m a chaplain in three different areas. Specifically I’m a chaplain in the military, in hospice, and for local businesses. So combining the natural diversity found in chaplaincy with these three unique forms of chaplaincy, I have the pleasure of experiencing the adventure of chaplaincy like few get to do so.

One of my favorite forms of chaplaincy is corporate chaplaincy. Specifically, I get to do this through Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA) in the Montgomery, Alabama area. As a corporate chaplain, I get to “build caring relationships in a non-threatening way with the hope of sharing the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening manner.” The previous quote is the companies mission statement, but also a phrase I believe in. It’s one that matches my core values. See, I love relating to people who typically don’t come to church better than people who are the stereotypical church goers. Not that I don’t enjoy Christians, because I do, but I find people who are unfamiliar with Christianity even more fascinating. My fascination comes from a desire to help them see the value that Christ and the church can bring to their life. As I get the chance to reveal the relevancy of Christ to people – both Christian and not – I’m able to live out both the mission of CCA and my core values. Continue reading “Growing Your Business Through Chaplaincy!”