The First Week Without Text: Relationships & Productivity

In the month of February, I made the decision not to text anyone because I wanted to deepen the relationships I had with people. Plus, I wanted my relationships to be more personal, than convenient. Overall this goal has been reached, while have learned the following:

images1. Relationships Do Improve – On Day-1 I had two people engage me either face-to-face or with a phone call. Each form of verbal communication was fantastic! On one occasion I felt the call produced a quality 10-minute conversation that we would have missed out on if we had been texting. As a result, I want to talk to that person even more!

2. Some Things Are Not Worth It – On Day-3 I received a text from someone who is a friend. He is also someone who wants to do business with me. After responding to him with a text stating that I was not texting, he never followed up with a phone call. His lack of response made me realize that 1. He didn’t want my business as bad as it previously seemed. 2. Some opportunities are not as important as we make them.

3. Mistakes Happen – It wasn’t until Saturday, February 4th that I made my first text. Continue reading “The First Week Without Text: Relationships & Productivity”