Pastoral Mistakes With the King James Version: Pastoral Redemptions

The phrase, “The King James is from Hell” is one that I said to another church member. It’s a statement I regret saying, but one I said. It was stated from emotion than my actual thoughts about the King James Version (KJV). Sadly, because of my ill-timed phrase, church members could embellish real events connected to Bible translations used under my pastorate. Despite both of our errors, the truth of what occurred was lost, but not forgotten by God.

The Origin of My Ill-Stated Phrase

For the record, I do not believe the KJV is from Hell. In fact, I know God has considerably used it over the last few centuries. It was not until the late 1900s that another modern and accessible English translation even existed. Therefore, despite its weaknesses today; the KJV allowed God’s people to understand the treasure of God’s word for hundreds of years. That’s a historical benefit of the translation that should never be disrespected, which I briefly did.

So, why did I say, “The KJV is from Hell?” Continue reading “Pastoral Mistakes With the King James Version: Pastoral Redemptions”