A Church Allegory Far Too Common

In 1996 Pastor Growth was turning around the declining church of Retirement Baptist. The growth was causing a renewed spirit within the church. This attitude changed quickly once new members wanted to serve in the church actively. Retirement Baptist had many longtime members who said, “They can serve when they have been here as long […]

Be A Loving Stepping Stone Than A Stumbling Block

A recent post attempted to persuade Christians to restrict their corporate worship attendance based on love. I believe love should be a Christian’s primary motivation in all things, as indicated in Romans 13. Love includes our responses to COVID-19 and other possible restrictions. Sadly, some Christians have rarely value love for one’s Christian motivation.

A Loving Response to Corporate Worship During a Pandemic

Recently the news has reported that a few pastors and churches have gotten in trouble for holding church services during COVID-19 stay at home orders. These churches claim that it is unconstitutional for any government to refuse them their right to express their religious beliefs. As an Army Chaplain, I understand their concern well. A […]

Happy Valentine’s Day To Your Family!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Yes, this day is associated with commercialism a lot. For example, two years ago, I was in a store on Christmas Eve night. Unfortunately, I saw Valentine’s Day candy already available for purchase. Despite the desire to profit from the February 14th date, don’t ignore the opportunities available to love someone close […]

Photography Fridays: The Step to Greener Pastures Is Closer Than We Think.

Today I begin an ongoing blog series called, “Photography Fridays.” Each Friday I will publish a reflective-inspirational style post from photographs I have taken, which is a recent hobby I’ve adopted as an attempt for of artistic expression. So I anticipate this will be a work in progress. In the meantime, these photos will involve […]

The Rise of Gog or the Power of the Gospel?

Unless you have avoided the news or only focused on the Malaysian Flight 370 reports then you know that Russian has advanced on Crimea. Due to additional news events, reports, and fears this has caused many to believe that Russia is not finished. There is a concern that Russia will advance on other countries in […]

How to Deal with Critics: Part 2

Last Wednesday part one of a two-part post on “How to Deal with Critics” was posted. The first post’s theme was that one should not consider the advice of critics if they do not have the authority to criticize someone. Critics who criticize without just cause or authority were called deconstructive cynics. Romans 3:13 describes […]

How to Deal with Critics: Part 1

Critics often claim they are here to tell you the truth and when it comes to critiquing others there are two extremes. The first is a positive example, which is a constructive critic. Someone who is a constructive critic offers their critique to help improve the person they are evaluating.  In other words, they are […]

Like Gulf-World, Train Yourself For Hope In God’s World!

“A gentle answer turns away anger, but a harsh word stirs up wrath.”        (Proverbs 15:1) Last week, while on vacation, I had the chance to watch my little sister Sallie Cowen perform as a dolphin trainer at Gulf World in Panama City Beach, Florida. As Sallie and her fellow trainers encouraged the animals, […]