Airplane Mode and Alarm Clocks For Productivity

COVID-19 has brought many challenges and opportunities to the world. Many of us have found ourselves remotely for the first time. Finally, for many, the dream of working from home has arrived…or has it? Working from home has come many dings, dongs, and other interruptions on one’s computer, tables, and phones. How then does one […]

No Texting: Mid-Month Reflections

My month of no texting in February is just about over. As I last reported, my goal changed from no-texting to limited-texting. Since making the change, a lesson I’ve learned is, the ability to say “no!” We live in a society that loves to please others, even to a fault. Our texting communication is no […]

The First Week Without Text: Relationships & Productivity

In the month of February, I made the decision not to text anyone because I wanted to deepen the relationships I had with people. Plus, I wanted my relationships to be more personal, than convenient. Overall this goal has been reached, while have learned the following: 1. Relationships Do Improve – On Day-1 I had […]

Plan to Wait

In a previous post the story was shared on my friends tardiness during a lunch appointment. The experience taught me a theoretical balance towards being punctual. The balance is found by our desire to strive to be on-time, but being able to give grace to others when they’re late.” In theory this quote sounds good, […]