Autumn Rest 

“Make it a source of spring water; even the autumn rain will cover it with blessings.”

-Psalm 84:6 (CSB)

Therefore, a Sabbath rest remains for God’s people.

-Hebrews 3-4 (CSB)


Autumn is a season of beauty. The days begin to get cooler from the hot summer season. The leaves change and fall to the ground. Together it creates a beautiful tapestry of foliage across the plains and the mountains of God’s creation.

Autumn is a season of reward. Here the fruits of our labors during the summer and spring are given. Crops are collected, livestock is tended, and gains are made during this harvest season. Each of these rewards is made possible from the hard work and exploration made from the preceding seasons.

Autumn is a season of preparation. After the harvest, winter crops are planted to produce needed resources during cold months. Families invest in firewood to keep warm. Even God’s creatures know that Autumn is a time of preparation, as many animals gather their final collections before winter. Continue reading “Autumn Rest “

No Cell Phone, No Rest? Not Really a Problem.

No Cell PhoneMy iPhone is an hour away & I have no chance of obtaining it for the next four days. Upon realizing its location I initially panicked.  However, my stress did not last long because being away from my phone presents a unique opportunity, an opportunity for rest.

Let us admit that our cell phones cause us anxiety. Yes, they are helpful, but personally there have been many days I have wanted to disable my smart-phone or simply return to 2001 when everyone had the same Nokia phone. You know the phone I am talking about because back then the only interruption from our phones was a call and a RARE text message. Now we get more texts than calls, plenty of e-mail, and constant app notifications. We also are addicted to surfing the Internet, checking social media, or playing games. Slowly we have become use to the noise and alerts from our phones, but I would argue we would appreciate a break from our cell phones. Therefore, when I realized I would be apart from my iPhone for four days I embraced this opportunity for rest and renewal Continue reading “No Cell Phone, No Rest? Not Really a Problem.”