Plan to Wait

In a previous post the story was shared on my friends tardiness during a lunch appointment. The experience taught me a theoretical balance towards being punctual. The balance is found by our desire to strive to be on-time, but being able to give grace to others when they’re late.” In theory this quote sounds good, […]

Being Late Is Rude, But So Are Our Attitudes

My lunch appointment is late, and admittedly I feel its rude. After all, I work three jobs, am trying to build up my own business, be a good steward of my family, while also seeking to manage hobbies that reenergize me. Admittedly my responses towards people’s tardiness are inconsistent. Part of the time I’m fine […]

Always Time For A Devotional

Life can become really busy, really quick. In the midst of these busy days many disciplines can be skipped. It could be anything from financial maintenance, to physical activity, to even our devotional times. However, there are steps we can take to still include these disciplines into our daily routine. For example, consider these simple […]