The Devil’s Influence In Our Life & His Limits

The Adversary: The Christian Versus Demon Activity

UnknownOften people ask me about spiritual warfare and if Satan is behind every bad thing that happens to us. This usually prompts me to point them towards Mark Bubeck’s book The Adversary: The Christian Versus Demon Activity, which I will explain detail below.

The Adversary is a bold book on confronting spiritual warfare, and the attacks our adversary Satan.  The book does not over sensationalize the topic because it’s grounded in the Word of God.  This serves as the validity for any strategy a Christian uses in their spiritual warfare, so they can boldly combat Satan.  The author Mark Bubeck believes in the importance boldness by saying, “be bold and direct in applying the weapons of our warfare to our own strengthening and to the enemy’s defeat.”[1]  After reading The Adversary a Christian will know the importance of God’s Word in spiritual warfare, the three sources of temptation, and practical tools to utilize immediately with other believers. Continue reading “The Devil’s Influence In Our Life & His Limits”