Film Critics and Life

What’s your favorite movie of all time?

How did the critics grade it? Did it get a high or low score on Rotten Tomatoes?

Do you even care about their critique of the film? Of course not! It’s your favorite movie after all. So, you don’t care that it has a bad storyline, you watch it for the action. Perhaps, it’s the love story you enjoy, despite the bad acting. Maybe it does have great acting and storytelling, but the budget was so small that it’s a B-grade movie. None of these factors matter because it’s your favorite movie, period! You then forget, ignore, or never even bothered to see what the critics said because it would your favorite film no matter what.

Why then can’t we do the same when it comes to critics and criticism in our daily lives? We should and we can if we, Press on!

Steve Jobs said, “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” Continue reading “Film Critics and Life”

Photography Fridays: Ladder of Success Means Giving Up Control.

Today, I continue my blog series called Photography Friday’s by sharing with you the picture of this old ladder from my wife’s swing set she had as a child. Recently, I found the ladder still standing in her backyard and decided it made for an interesting photograph. After all, it’s not often you see a ladder standing up by itself. Having took the picture I asked my wife about it and she said, “It has just never been removed from our backyard.” I’m glad it’s still there because it made for a great picture, but it also allowed me to ponder the life lessons it still has left to teach.


Many reflections could be made about this ladder, but the two jumped out at me. The first is that nothing is impossible. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a freestanding ladder? I’ve never seen a ladder stand by itself. Chances are you haven’t, but this ladder is freestanding. It’s appears to be doing the impossible. I emphasize the word appears because the ladder is really supported by what is unseen, which is some concrete embedded around its legs in the ground. As a result, the cement provides the appearance that the ladder is independent of anything for support. However, it’s not totally freestanding because it does have some unseen help. As we live our lives we are really never really self-sufficient. Despite how much I love my own independence this is the second lesson from the ladder.

Often we live our lives thinking we are in control of our lives. Continue reading “Photography Fridays: Ladder of Success Means Giving Up Control.”