No matter you Thanksgiving tradition, with time it can be better!!!

One decision often made every year is, “Do you want white meat or dark meat?”

Most people know that dark meat is not as good for you as white meat, but if you have white meat as dry as some families cooking, you smother it with gravy anyway. This result brings you back to the question, “Do you want white meat or dark meat?” Some people genuinely love white meat. Others want the dark meat, the legs, and thighs of the turkey. Life doesn’t always give us the choice, but we can choose how we consume what our circumstances give.

Life is filled with white meat moments and dark meat moments. Ultimately, our outcome matters on the response we give – not in what we consume because life sometimes brings darkness even if unwanted – we must then choose how we will process what life brings. There are dark meat moments like,

  1. Traumatic moments in your family history. 
  2. Remembrances where Thanksgiving brings the reminder of the loss of a loved one.
  3. Prior years of isolation than celebration.

No matter your circumstances, there our lives could contain white meat hopeful moments. Perhaps then…if you give it time, better looks more like:

  1. Seeing an old family create a new foundation because they’ve seen them as family all along!
  2. Developing a new tradition with a future family!
  3. Celebrating a one-week-old marriage with that new family!
  4. Your past trauma being overshadowed by the proximity of your marriage anniversary, which brings joy!
  5. Watching traditions passed to the next generations as they make family recipes better than prior ages!
  6. Lifelong memories of spending Thanksgiving with friends for the moment, but more importantly, for eternity!
  7. Embracing memories together where no family or friends are present, just another!

Those closest will know the examples are a list from my life. Over the years I’ve had some dark meat Thanksgivings. While I could go into more detail over my negative experiences, know that over the last decade though I’ve had many more white meat and hopeful Thanksgiving seasons. Simply put: hope exist for you, trust me!

You might not have much to be thankful for this year, but it won’t always be that way. Until then find the gratitude this year to push you towards better years, no matter how bad your circumstances might seem. Hope is necessary to work though our dark reminders. Eventually our toil will bring celebration. Therefore, know this truth: God is a God of redemption, period.

God then can use people and circumstances to redeem one’s past towards a future hope and a present joy. In other words, no matter the trauma of your past, be thankful for what you have now, while you hope for the future joy of tomorrow!

How, then, will you choose to embrace what God has given you – no matter your circumstances – on Thanksgiving?

Remember, for most; we are far better off than most around the world. Our worst day is someone else’s best day. Rejoice then in what God has given you than what you wish He could provide you!

Either way, you are blessed beyond most; that’s reason enough to be thankful! Be it dark or white meat experiences in your life, God can and will redeem if we are patient enough! Embracing such a hope leave no “bone” to pick with anyone, but a wishbone of joy to give to all!

Trust me, it…does…pay…off!!!!!!


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